Complaint filed at district police over missing of missing nuns, monk from Ram Bahadur Bomjan’s ashram

Thursday, December 27th, 2018 | | National

Family members of nuns and monk, who have gone missing since five years from the ashram of Ram Bahadur Bomjan, known as the little Buddha, have filed a police complaint urging the authorities to find the whereabouts of their missing kin.

Separate complaints by Bijay Rumba, to find her missing sister Fulmaya Rumba; MahendraWaiba, to find his father Sancha Lal Waibahave been lodged at District Police Office, Hetauda stating that the duo went missing since five years ago, said DSP Yagya Prasad Bhattarai. Also another complaint has also been lodged at the police office to search for Karma Waiba of Nuwakot who is also missing from the ashram.

Fulmaya went to become a nun at Bomjan’s ashram in Halkhoriya in Bara district in 2068BS and went out of contact from 2071 BS, said Bijay Rumba adding that two other nuns have also gone missing from the ashram.

According to Bijay, following the 2015 earthquake, his parents went to visit Fulmaya at Bomjan’s Sindhupalchok-based ashram. “But they (parents) were sent back saying that Fulmaya left the ashram from February-March 2015,” said Bijay.

Likewise, Mahendra Waiba of Banaspatiat Padampokhari in Makwanpur district has also said that his father Sancha Lal Waiba, who had gone to become a monk under Bomjan in 2070BS, also went out of contact from March 29, 2015.

Mahendra had also gone to Bomjan’s Sindhupalchok ashram in search of his father. However, Mahendra could not find his father following which he lodged a missing person complaint at the police.

Meanwhile, DSP Bhattarai informed that the police are searching the premises of Bomjan’s meditation centre and investigations into the matter are underway.

Earlier, in 2012, followers of ‘Buddha boy’ Ram Bahadur Bomjan were accused of holding two women, one a Slovak, captive. It was learnt that members of the Bodhi Srawan Dharma Sangh, an association formed to oversee Bomjan’s security, had held the women for ‘practicing witchcraft’ and disturbing Bomjan’s meditation. The Slovakian woman, Akac Zsuzsanna, known Marichi locally, who was reportedly held captive for the last three months, was later released.