Pipe bomb terror at busy Nepalgunj thoroughfare

Friday, November 16th, 2018 | | National

Nepalgunj remained tense throughout Thursday after a suspicious object, which was later confirmed as Improvised Explosive Device, was recovered at busy Pushpalal Chowk.

Locals had notified police after witnessing an unidentified man placing a suspicious package under the statue of communist leader Pushpa Lal Shrestha.

The explosive was defused by a bomb disposal squad of the Nepal Army.

“The Nepal Army team successfully defused the explosive. It was a pipe bomb,” said Superintendent of Police (SP) Arun Paudel.

Some pamphlets in the name of Commando were recovered from the incident site. Locals were terrified as the pamphlets warned that the suspicious object was a ‘powerful bomb’ and it would damage area within 300 metres periphery.

The group that published the pamphlets was unknown outfit in the area. The group was not in existence, said police. “The explosive was planted by the group to terrorise people. We have identified the person who planted the IED,” said SP Paudel.