Halloween 2018: Top ten horror movies on Netflix

Wednesday, October 31st, 2018 | | EntertainmentOnline Movies

Halloween is this peculiar festival that turns macabre into something joyful. All the ghosts and ghouls, monsters and demons, vampires and zombies, become a joke — for one day, anyhow. It is also a day we celebrate horror as a pop culture genre. If you are not dressing up as supernatural monsters to terrorise unsuspecting friends and relatives this time, you can still enjoy the festival of horror right in your living room with your family and friends.

Here are ten solid horror movies that you can watch on Halloween night. They are all available on Netflix.

Oculus: Two siblings confront the mysterious supernatural entity inside an antique mirror that ruined their childhood.

Gerald’s Game: When BDSM goes bad. If this sentence makes this brilliant Stephen King adaptation sound corny, you are in for a surprise. This film, another Mike Flanagan directorial, explores heavy themes like mental trauma and misogyny and keeps you entertained and terrified at the same time.

Train to Busan: If you are bored of zombie movies, Train to Busan should be your pick. Not that it does anything groundbreaking, but most of it is set in the cramped environment of a train, and zombies are preternaturally athletic, instead of doddering fools of The Walking Dead.

Hush: Hush has a deaf and dumb woman who has to protect herself from a crazed, sadistic killer.

The Awakening: Rebecca Hall’s character visits a school to expose the ‘hoax’ of sightings of a child ghost.

Lights Out: David F Sandberg’s film that does nothing really innovate, but is instead a good-old haunted house tale. And it is scary. Very scary.

Shaun of the Dead: Zombie comedies are hard to pull off. There is something little hilarious about dead people walking and making a meal out of the living. But in Edgar Wright’s hands, it seems effortless. Keep in mind, though, the movie still has a lot of gore and horror.

Cargo: A Martin Freeman starrer slow-burn zombie film, Cargo asks the important question as to how would you protect a newborn child in a zombie apocalypse? They rarely show young children in zombie films.

30 Days of Night:
An Alaskan town gets no sunlight for one month a year, but this time it is going to be even darker, for blood-swigging vampires are coming down from their cold abodes to rule over the living. And for 30 days, sunlight cannot harm them.

Calibre: Two men go deer hunting in the Scottish countryside and get more than they bargained for.