Venom crosses 500 million dollar mark globally

Monday, October 29th, 2018 | | EntertainmentLatest Movies

Sony’s comic-book movie Venom has crossed the coveted 500 million dollar mark globally. The Tom Hardy starrer has braved negative reviews to gross 508 million dollars so far, according to

A Ruben Fleischer directorial, Venom is based on the Marvel villain/anti-hero of the same name. It is the first film in Sony’s comic-book cinematic universe. It is an amalgam of an alien parasite called symbiote and Hardy’s character, Eddie Brock. Riz Ahmed and Michelle Williams also star in Venom.

Domestically, too, Venom is not doing too bad. It has earned 187 million dollars in the North American market. It broke the opening weekend record for October when it released and stayed at the top of the box office for two weeks straight.

Venom has a 30% rating at review aggregator site, Rotten Tomatoes. The consensus reads, “Venom’s first standalone movie turns out to be like the comics character in all the wrong ways – chaotic, noisy, and in desperate need of a stronger attachment to Spider-Man.”

The Indian Express critic Shalini Langer gave it 1.5 stars. She wrote, “As you struggle to like Eddie, to hate/like Venom, to fear Drake, to sympathise with Annie (who may be the smartest-of-them-all), to feel anything for the black-goo-like symbiotes, and to counsel against any sequels (at least standalones), there is only one real hero. He is Annie’s stand-in boyfriend, Dr Dan, who treats all — symbiotes, humans, and all in between — with equal equanimity. Now that is a man we want around at world’s end.”