Activist renews date dispute against former CJ Parajuli

Monday, October 29th, 2018 | | Health

Anti-corruption crusader Dr Govinda KC has demanded the Department of Civil Personnel Records make public the reason of giving former chief justice Gopal Parajuli pension certificate with different retirement dates.

Dr KC along with Senior Advocate Om Prakash Aryal, his aide Pritam Subedi and Suresh Kumar Mudvari submitted a letter to the department on Sunday demanding the reasons for giving pension certificate with different dates of retirement.

As per Parajuli’s birth-date mentioned in his School Leaving Certificat, he reached 65 years, the retirement age, on August 5, 2017. However, he allegedly got his pension certificate mentioning his retirement a March 14, 2018.

Actually, Parajuli did not retire from office because the government dismissed him on March 14 after he was found using forged documents.

Speaking to the Post Dr KC said, “The department should clarify the error because the Judicial Council Secretariat had mentioned Joshi retired on August 5.”

The team has also said that Parajuli again submitted another forged document to the department.

“Parajuli should have been behind the bars for his forged documents while he was the chief justice. He should be facing action for providing forged documents again,” said Dr KC.

Dr KC has demanded the list of services Parajuli used while he continued as ‘chief justice’ when he should have retired. “Parajuli should compensate all services he availed from the government after the date he should have had officially retired,” said Dr KC.