Medicine shortage in Gaushala

Sunday, October 28th, 2018 | | Health

Nigaul Health Post in Gaushala Municipality, Mahottari, is reeling under a shortage of medicines, according to health officials.

“Patients are compelled to purchase medicines that the government distributes free of cost. As a result, the health services have been affected due to the shortage,” said Arjun Bohara, an official at the health post 15-20 patients each day.

Due to the shortage, we have to request the patients to purchase medicines from the private clinics,” said Bohara.

There’s also a shortage of free medicines in primary health centres across Gaushala Municipality. Though the government provides 70 types of essential medicines from the district hospitals, 58 types of medicines from primary health centres and 35 types of medicines from heath posts for free, government-based health institutions in Mahottari are unable to distribute sufficient medicines.

“The primary health centres do not even have paracetamol tablets here,” said Manoj Sah, a health worker in Gaushala Municipality. Bijaya Kumar Singh, in-charge of Ramnagar Health Post, also said they were out of essential drugs and medical items. Ashok Kumar Mahato, joint coordinator of Public Health in Gaushala Municipality, said the shortage of medicines in the health facilities is due to a delay in inviting tenders.

“We did not receive the rights to purchase medicines on time,” said Health Coordinator Devendra Yadav, adding that medicines will be distributed soon.