Nepali Congress student body enforces banda in Kanchanpur

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018 | | National

Protests against the rape and murder of 13-year-old Nirmala Pant in Kanchanpur have intensified in the past few days as the authorities have failed to arrest the culprits even after two months of the crime.

Men and women in the district have been organising protests in different parts of the district demanding justice for the teenager.

On Tuesday, Nepal Student Union (NSU), the student wing of Nepali Congress, enforced a banda in Kanchanpur to pile pressure on the government to bring the perpetrators of Nirmala’s rape and murder to justice.

The general strike turned violent as the banda enforcers vandalised the District Attorney’s Office and manhandled its employees.

Yangya Raj Bhattarai, the office chief, said the banda enforcers barged into the office, roughed up four employees and vandalised a vehicle, computer and furniture.

The protesters also misbehaved with local journalist Chandra Kanta Joshi who was present at the scene. Joshi’s video camera was damaged in the incident.

According to Bhatta, they are preparing to file a complaint against the vandals at the District Police Office.

Meanwhile, the NSU has claimed that its supporters had nothing to do with the vandalism that occurred at the attorney’s office.

NSU central member Kailash Chand claimed that their protest was infiltrated by vandals who have no association with the student body.

Bhatta has said that they have identified the vandals.

Vehicles in Mahendranagar and other parts of the district stayed off the road while market places and educational institution remained closed due to the banda.

The protesters obstructed the vehicles by burning tyres in the streets since the early morning. Rallies demanding justice for Nirmala were also held in other parts of the country on Tuesday.

Sit-in continues

Women in Mahendranagar continued their sit-in protest at Madan Chowk on Tuesday as well. They have been protesting since Saturday to exert pressure on the government to release the investigation report on the rape and murder of Nirmala and to bring the perpetrators to justice.

The investigation report of the high level probe committee, which was submitted on September 27, has not been shared with the public yet.

The protesters have accused the government of trying to hide the findings in order to protect the perpetrators.