Microsoft’s ‘Andromeda’ Surface Phone isn’t dead, could launch in 2019: Report

Monday, July 16th, 2018 | | Technology

Leaks and rumours surrounding Microsoft’s Andromeda aka Surface Phone have been flying consistently for the past few weeks, and we have some more information on the much-hyped device. A new report from Thurrott indicates that the company’s highly ambitious dual-screen Andromeda Project isn’t dead yet. It’s just that the Microsoft is working on refining both the hardware and software of the said dual-screen device.

Brad Sams of reports that the device is being reworked once again to optimise both the hardware and software of the Surface Phone before it makes the device official. The report adds that Microsoft had originally planned to launch the dual-screen device in the second-half of 2018, but now it has decided to launch the product in late 2019.

There are plenty of reasons why Microsoft is delaying the release of the Surface Phone, code-named “Andromeda”. Firstly, Andromeda would be based on an ARM processor, and currently, the top-end chipset that is optimised for Windows 10 ARM is a Snapdragon 835 processor which was launched last year. While the Snapdragon 850 has already been announced, Qualcomm is also working on a powerful processor tailored for Windows 10 ARM, and it is expected to launch next year. Microsoft evidently wants to wait for the processor to be fully ready and then only release the Surface Phone.

Given that the dual-screen device will be launched under the Surface brand, Microsoft wants Andromeda to be a major success. Which is why the company is spending more time developing the device – after all, it is going to be a premium product.

Microsoft has long rumoured to be working on a foldable device and has filed a number of patents. The device is said to have a dual-screen design supporting multiple form factors, including tablet, phone, laptop, and a digital notebook. Apparently, Microsoft is not planning to call the device as a phone, but it will be pitched as a new category.