90s stars unite for a cause

A host of the biggest singing superstars of the 90s congregated in Narayangadh for a musical evening dubbed ‘Mega Old is Gold’ over the weekend. Ranging from Sanjay Shrestha who sang his famous ‘Musu musu haasideu na lai lai’ song to Kabindra Shrestha who wooed the audience with his popular number ‘Dandama mela lagechha’; the show saw 14 singers, including Babin Pradhan, Sachin Rauniyar, Bhim Tuladhar, and James Pradhan take the stage.

As the audience, both young and old, grooved to the tunes from the 90s—a playlist of almost 30 songs—it was attested that old really is gold and good music will always have a fan following, regardless of the time and era.

The get-together organised by the Narayangadh Rotary Club, however, was not just for fun. The 14 pop artists had gathered for a cause—to raise funds to support the education of Chepang children who live in the district.

“The Chepangs are one of the most marginalised groups in Nepal. They have been living in poverty and illiteracy for a long time now,” said Narayan Pradhan, president of the Club. “Whatever revenue is raised from the event will go to the cause, every artist who sang today did so pro bono as well.”