Skinny is Green release third album

After the release of their first album Dreamers, followed by a video album under the name Kattmandu, a rock group based out of Baltimore in the US have released their third album titled Look In Through Me.

The band Skinny Is Green, formed by singer and guitarist Gaurav “Rav” Sitaula, said the new album was made possible through crowd-funding. According to the band, over $4,000 was raised in exchange of pre-orders of new music and merchandise in two months’ time. A lyric video for their title track Look In Through Me was released via YouTube in April.

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Even though the band’s earlier style reflected sounds inspired by the 90’s rock such as Nirvana and Guns N’ Roses, in their new album the band have consciously shifted to create a new type of sound that is inspired by EDM, pop and tri-hop, besides their usual rock roots.

The band is also currently working on a new music video, which according to the band is going to be directed by the frontman ‘Rav’, who received his Bachelor’s in film making from the University of Texas.