Raped woman with mental disorders gives birth to child

Friday, May 25th, 2018 | | National

May 25, 2018-A mentally retarded woman who was raped has given birth to a child.

The 22 – year – old woman from Rolpa municipality – 2 has given birth to a child raising questions over the child’s care. A local mothers’ group has been providing clothes and looking after the infant as the mother remains incapable of providing child care.

Mothers’ Group’s Chairperson, Mina Gharti, said they are searching for the culprit who impregnated the woman with mental disorders. They have also filed a report at the District Police Office, according to Gharti.

There are hundreds of such children in the district whose fathers’ identities remain unknown, it is learnt. They have been deprived of Nepali citizenship certificates and admission to schools. RSS